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The following is a list of all the Alpacas, Categories, Events and Feature Articles on our site. We hope it will assist you in finding what you're looking for.


Gold's Lady Genevieve of NAL
Lady Genevieve displays all of the wonderful qualities of her royal lineage which includes Uribe, Accoyo Gold, Torbio, Estrello, DPA Prince, Aureo and Ricardo. She is full Peruvian and 3/4 Accoyo.

HHSF Czarina Accoyo

Czarina is a stunning, multi-champion, full Accoyo female with both Baron and Ramilo genetics. She has exceptional luster that even shows through the dust in which she loves to roll.  Czarina's tight locks return after each shearing.

HHSF Tiburon's Peruvian Tizo

The judges call him "the perfect Suri alpaca!"  Tizo has 10 championships and many first place ribbons.

HHSF Tiburon's Peruvian TIZO Suri
The judges call him "the perfect Suri alpaca!" At one of his first shows, the judge invited the spectators to come over to lift his fleece and touch and look at Tizo, since he was "what a Suri is supposed to look like".

Paragon's Mademoiselle Abia of NAL

Abia arrived as her dam's cria all have before her: standing & nursing in minutes and running and bouncing within hours!

Paragon's Obasi of NAL
Obasi is a very beautiful full Accoyo cria with the wonderful  genetics of Jackpot and Accoyo Ace, who we welcomed in fall of 2009.

Tuff's Lady Charisse of NAL

Charisse has been a bouncey and curious cria from the day she arrived. 

HHSF Peruvian Ocotilla

Ocotilla is a rare Pival Accoyo Admiral daughter, Accoyo Ace granddaughter.  She is full Accoyo and has bright white, lustrous fleece.

HHSF Peruvian Tuff Suri
Tuff has the luster we are all looking for in our dark colored Suris and a gentle disposition as well. He has produced almost all brown offspring, even from dams with all white ancestry.

Sir Gareth of NAL

Gareth carries on the Accoyo qualities that made Torbio, Uribe and DPA Prince desirable.  He is a Non-hairy grade 3 by the Certified Sorted method and is ready to pass that great fiber quality to the next generation.

Tizo's Lady Ivanna of NAL

Ivanna is the image of her multi-champion herdsire, TIZO, with his color, lock and perfect conformation.

Tuff's Lady Chinaka of NAL
Chinaka was our first birth of 2010.  She has beautiful milk chocolate colored, lustrous fiber with fawn spots on her head and two front fawn "slippers". 

Tizo's Duchess Deandra of NAL

Deandra is one of the stunning crias we have from our multi-champion herdsire,  HHSF Peruvian Tizo. 

Truly Peruvian Devine

Truly Peruvian Devine is everything anyone could want in a female alpaca: sweet disposition, easy handling, fertility, easy birthing and excellent mothering abilities.

Tuff's Princess Ivy of NAL

Ivy is an energetic female with beautiful, lustrous fawn fleece.

ASF-PA Peruvian Marina
Peruvian Marina carries the exceptional and renowned genetics of Ramilo and Silver Lining.  She has the density, lock and luster that her ancestors passed down to her and she has passed these fine qualities on to her first cria as well.

Marquis Milo of NAL
Milo has impressive names in his ancestry, such as Silver Lining, Ramilo, Baron and Kilimanjaro. 

Tizo's Lady Gianna of NAL

Lady Gianna has luster to spare, which is not surprising since she has champion genetics from dam and sire.  Her sire is our multi-champion herdsire, Tizo. 

Certified Sorted grade WR3.

Gianna, with her fine, lustrous fleece, won the Reserve Color Championship at this year's MAPACA Jubilee against tough competition.  Her first show! 

Tizo's Lord Malachi of NAL
Malachi is our first cria from our multi-champion herdsire, Tizo, and he bears the remarkable traits that made his sire a champion.

Lady Ophelia of NAL

Lady Ophelia is the product of the rare genetics of Accoyo Ace, Ganador and Aureo.

NAL Baron LaFite's Philippe

Philippe has the classic Suri head of his famous, herdsire of the year father, LaFite, and the fine, lustrous fleece of his Ramilo and Baron heritage.

Tuff's Lady Silana of NAL

Lady Silana has perfect conformation, stunning color and an excellent luster that is not often found in dark animals.

Yeoman's Lady Tapanga of NAL
Tapanga displays the wonderful qualities of her ancestry with grace and style.

ASF-PA Peruvian Silvia
Silvia is a large female with with the same wonderful dense locks and luster of her full sister, Marina.

Demetrius of NAL

Gareth's Count Calvin of NAL

Gareth's Marquis Malcolm of NAL

HHSF Peruvian Solara Suri

Solara is a bright white Suri female with perfect conformation.  She has won many ribbons, showing off the qualities of her exceptional genetics.

Imogen by Ricardo
When I first touched Imogen's fleece, it was the silkiest fiber I had ever felt and I couldn't wait to spin that fiber!

Olivia of NAL

Peruvian Tosca

Tosca carries the perfect conformation and bright white,  lustrous fleece of her famous grandherdsire, Ramilo.   She is carrying her second cria after having an almost effortless first delivery.

Tate of NAL

Tibault, Duke of NAL
Tibault is a young male who carries the best of Ramilo and Silver Lining genetics. He has a fine and lustrous lock structure and strong bone structure.



2 X 3 Rug A

2 X 3 Rug B
Choose this 2 X 3 alpaca rug. 

2 X 3 Rug C
Choose this alpaca rug.

2008 National Alpaca Farm Days
Here is a fun look at last year's National Alpaca Farm Day.  We had lots of fun in spite of the weather.  See the pictures from 2008.

2X 3 Rug D
Choose this alpaca rug.

About Alpacas

About Us
We bought our farm for horses but then discovered alpacas.  All of our past animal experience, our professional backgrounds and our relatively new knowledge about farming worked together to help us make the transition.   But, there are always a lot of fun stories to tell along the way when you undertake an adventure like an old 50 acre farm, and a new species!

Adult Females for Sale

Choosing the breedings can be lots of fun, caring for the dam is loaded with anticipation, waiting, watching and wondering when the time will come can be a little nerve-wracking.  But welcoming a new cria into the world is a thrill worth waiting for!

Alpaca Clothing
Once you have worn an alpaca sweater, with its soft handle and cozy warmth, you will want another! And then there are those blankets! And vests! and gloves....

Alpaca Fleeced Hide

When an alpaca dies, they can still give the gift of exquisite fiber in a properly prepared hide.

Alpaca Four by Six Rugs

Alpaca Rugs
Your feet won't believe what they feel when they step on an alpaca rug barefoot!  These rugs are all natural colors and each is unique.

Alpaca Sales

Proper genetic planning prior to purchase and post sale support are very important in choosing a breeder from whom you purchase animals.

Alpaca Six by Nine Rugs

Alpaca Three by Five Rugs

Alpaca Yarn and Roving

Alpaca is a delightful, soft fiber which can be spun alone or blended with other fibers to create yarns of different strengths, sheen and character.  Try all of them and find your favorites. 

Alpacas for Sale

Animal Husbandry Links
Animal Husbandry is the formal name for breeding and raising livestock. In alpaca breeding, as in the breeding of any other species, this involves nutritional issues such as feed analysis and pasture management, health issues, knowledge of genetics, birthing and raising young and many other issues.  We keep current with these issues with the assistance of wonderful organizations involved with alpacas.


Boarding or agisting alpacas on a breeder's farm allows time for a new owner to learn alongside those with experience and it allows other owners to invest in alpacas without owning a farm.

Nobility Alpacas, Ltd owns a multi-champion herdsire and we are raising several other impressive herdsires for diversity in breeding to your female alpacas.

Certified Sorted Apprenticeship Seminar
Fourteen alpaca breeders gathered in Harrisville, New Hampshire to learn to sort and grade alpaca fiber by the Certified Sorted method.

Certified Sorting & Grading Alpaca Fiber; Step Two

Why should you sort and grade your alpaca fiber? Because you can then make the best decisions about breeding matches, use of your fiber and have great information for selling your fiber and alpacas.

Certified Sorting and Grading of Alpaca Fiber
Certified Sorting of your Alpaca Fiber gives you many advantages, including increasing the profit from your fiber. Don't give your hard won harvest away or undervalue it. Talk to me about Certified Sorting today!

Chicken Tales

They may not be the smartest critters God ever made, but they certainly are entertaining!  And useful, too.  We enjoy fresh eggs from our free range chickens daily and less flies and other "bugs" as well.

Farm and Miscellaneous Items for Sale
Change is inevitable and here on the farm, it is as well. As the farm becomes more refined and we complete grading and building projects, some equipment just isn't needed anymore. We also have horses and anyone who does knows how the equipment changes with the mounts! Check out our farm items for sale here.

Farm Fun and Memories

One of the most fun parts of alpaca ranching is taking pictures! Some of the most fun pictures are of the spontaneous, everyday situations, so keep a camera nearby!

Fiber Links
The gift of the alpaca to us is their extraordinary fiber.  It is why we raise them and so we continue to study and learn all we can about it.

Fiber, Fiber!

Foundation Stock

Meet our exceptional resident foundation herd, our sweet gelding companions and our macho guard Llama, Prince  Caspian.  

We currently have 22 animals on the farm and house them in three different buildings and we rotate them in seven different pastures.  

Gallery of Show Pictures

In the alpaca business, showing your animals is an important part of documenting your animals' best qualities. It is also important to take your own photos to keep a record of your alpaca's cria, juvenile and full fleece and regrowth after shearing.

Geldings and Fiber Animals
Here is a list of our gelded animals or those that we have chosen not to breed but whose fiber we still use. 

Harris Designs Yarn Spinning Mill

Apprentices for the Certified Sorted Seminar began their education by watching the process by which fiber becomes yarn.


History of Alpacas

Alpacas are members of the camelid family and have a fascinating story - past and present.  They are native to Peru, Chile and Bolivia, still raised in mountain herds there, valued for their fiber and hides and eaten as meat. 

How We Got Our Start
We had always intended to make the farm a profitable business and thought it would involve horses until we experienced how much labor they required in larger numbers.  When we changed our focus to alpacas, all of our previous labors worked right into raising camelids. 

Juvenile Females for Sale

Being able to raise a cria and be involved in all of their training from birth is fun - after all, they are the cutest critters alive! 

Even more meaningful is being able to see multiple generations of females raising their young together. 

We have assembled several kits so anyone can try out projects such as knitting a headband and fingerless gloves or hand dye a length of roving for spinning. We also have needle felting kits which are easy and lots of fun.


Male Alpacas for Sale

It can be a challenge keeping all of these youngsters from wrestling  each other to the ground, but our guard llama, Prince, keeps the young boys in line, most of the time!

Mentoring into the Alpaca Business
Becoming an alpaca owner and breeder requires important stages of learning.  At Nobility Alpacas, we understand the learning process and want to help new alpaca owners as they encounter every stage.

NAL Events

This has been a year of much learning at a variety of events. We look forward to sharing with visitors at National Alpaca Farm Days and getting ready for the fall holiday seasons.
We have a beautiful variety of alpaca products to keep you and your loved ones warm and beautiful!  Think early holiday shopping.

News from the Farm

Life is change. And sometimes it seems that the changes have come so fast or while we weren't looking! We have been blessed by the marriage of our oldest daughter, Natalie, in the last year. Another daughter has gone off to college and we are so happy to see them all flourish.


Life is change. And sometimes it seems that the changes have come so fast or while we weren't looking! We have been blessed by the marriage of our oldest daughter, Natalie, in the last year. Another daughter has gone off to college and we are so happy to see them all flourish.

Nobility Alpacas, Ltd
Our focus at Nobility Alpacas, Ltd., is to introduce and mentor novice and potential owners into the business and life of alpaca ownership including breeding, health care, farm care, showing and alpaca fiber.

North American Alpaca Fiber Producers
NAAFP is an agricultural cooperative organization that was created so that alpaca breeders can utilize their harvest to make the highest quality, American-made products for profit.


Many businesses support our industry and make our work easier and our alpaca life more pleasurable.

Photo Gallery

Watching a new cria arrive and learn how to interact with the world is a fascinating experience.  Once they, literally, hit the ground, they learn to stand up on long, weak, wiggly legs and find their source of milk all by themselves. In their first day, they run, roll, and even play with other crias. Amazing!

Qualities of Prime Alpaca Fiber

If you breed alpacas, you are in the fiber business. Even if you never learn to knit or weave or spin and you have them to breed and show and sell, the whole point of an alpaca’s domestic existence in America, is fiber.

When purchasing, breeding or boarding an alpaca, you want to know that your valuable animal will be in honorable and competent hands.  At Nobility Alpacas, we strive to offer the best quality services to novice and experienced breeders alike.


Alpaca rugs, yarn, fleece, roving and even furry hides for sale here!  Alpacas are raised for their fiber and we have many examples of this royal fiber from which to choose!

The New Crias

 The arrival of cria is both exciting and nerve-wracking, at least until they stand up, dry off and nurse on their own.  Within hours, a new cria clumsily jumps and attemps to run in their small area and before you know it, they are racing around the fields and rolling in the dirt!

Two by Three Rugs
Choose a 2 X 3 foot rug with a unique design.  

Under Construction!
Under Construction!

Virtual Tour

We bought our farm in 1999 and set about rehabilitating it for our family and our horses.  When we decided to raise alpacas, some of our rehab designs changed.  We also changed the way we managed the soil and how we harvested our hay.  It has been an adventure!

What Do I Need to Learn to Become an Alpaca Owner?

Alpacas seem to cast a spell over many of us and we anticipate ownership with great excitement.  But, there are many important things to learn so that we will be prepared to care for them well.

What to do with the fiber! Step One
Shearing season is here and it is very important to know how to handle that precious harvest.  Read on to learn what to do during shearing and after to keep your fiber in its best shape for show and profit!


Winter 2010
Many things in life seem designed to test our fortitude - like the winter of 2010!  We are fortunate to have many competent hands to make much lighter work.



The First Sortathon at the North American Alpaca Show
The first "Sortathon" took place at the North American Alpaca Show in Springfield, Massachusetts in early April.  Many brought their fleece to be sorted at a reduced rate, sold to commercial buyers, handspinners or put into the NAAFP coop for production into profitable product.  It was a great success!

Camelidynamics Seminar with Marty McGee Bennett

We had so much fun and learning at the Camelidynamics 2-Day Seminar taught by Marty McGee Bennett at Cinco C's Alpacas in Northwestern Pennsylvania.

2008 National Alpaca Farm Day "Open Farm"

National Alpacas Farm Day was created so that friends, neighbors and anyone interested in finding out about alpacas can have a chance to visit alpaca farms all over the country and learn about them up close. 

2009 Annual Farm & Agri-business Tour

At Nobility Alpacas, Ltd., our agricultural venture is raising Peruvian Suri Alpacas for sale and to harvest the extraordinary fiber for processing.  Come and learn about this wonderful business and meet our newest alpacas.

2009 Berks County Farm & Agri-business Tour
At Nobility Alpacas, Ltd., our agricultural venture is raising Peruvian Suri Alpacas for sale and to harvest the extraordinary fiber for processing.  Many came to learn about this wonderful business and meet our newest alpacas and we had a lot of fun!.

National Alpaca Farm Day 2011

If you were at our 2010 Alpaca Farm Day, you won't believe how much our youngsters have grown!  Come meet last year's cria and a host of new babies born this summer and learn all about these wonderful animals. We will have some fun projects, alpaca products to buy and lots of critters to meet!

Sortathon at the Buckeye Ohio Alpaca Show

The second Sortathon takes place at the Buckeye Alpaca Show in Columbus Ohio.  This is a wonderful opportunity to get all of your alpaca fiber into production or sale quickly and easily.

National Alpaca Farm Day Open Farm Days 2013
Come join us for a fun and informative day on the farm. You can do your own fiber project, meet the babies, watch fiber spinning, buy alpaca clothing, yarn and roving and even check out the farm equipment for sale and other items at the garage sale!



Feature Articles

Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association (AOBA)

AOBA is the largest of our alpaca organizations. It is a national Association who has endorsed the formation of regional affiliates which can function in a smaller and closer community of members.

Natural Fiber Producers

The Natural Fiber Producers (NFP) is a for profit organization established to support natural fiber producers and assist them in processing fiber and selling fiber products to the consumer. We sell both hand knitting and custom yarns for the knitwear market, upholstery and weaving market.

Camelidynamics with Marty McGee Bennett

By Jeanne J. Noble

Camelidynamics is a handling and training system developed and continually refined by Marty McGee Bennett.  Marty's 25 plus years of experience with camelids paired with her insight and natural gift of communication has made alpaca and llama ownership so much more enjoyable for owner and animals alike.

What to Do With the Fiber!!

Shearing season is here and it is very important to know how to handle that precious harvest. Read on to learn what to do during shearing and after to keep your fiber in its best shape for show and profit!

And see the video "How to Noodle Fleece"

Alpaca Registry, Inc. (ARI)

ARI is the alpaca pedigree registry for all alpacas in the United States.

Coarse Broads, Inc.

Coarse Broads, Inc. is a business which educates all of us about how to grade and sort our alpaca fiber and about the alpaca fiber industry.

What Do I Need to Learn to Become an Alpaca Owner?

By Jeanne Noble
Alpacas seem to cast a spell over many of us and we anticipate ownership with great excitement.  But there are many important things to learn so that we will be prepared to care for them well.

COPY OF What Do I Need to Learn to Become an Alpaca Owner?

By Jeanne Noble
Alpacas seem to cast a spell over many of us and we anticipate ownership with great excitement.  But there are many important things to learn so that we will be prepared to care for them well.

Cottage Industry Alpaca Breeders Association

CIABA's mission is to promote alpaca fiber, the fiber industry as a viable and sustainable industry and to educate about all aspects of alpaca husbandry, fiber and fiber arts.

Llama Doc Herbs

Dr. Robert Pollard J. Pollard is a veterinarian who has developed safe herbal formulas for use in camelids.

Mid- Atlantic Alpaca Association (MAPACA)

MAPACA is an organization whose members are alpaca breeders from the mid-Atlantic states, including Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York,  Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.

Usefull Llama Items

This retail site carries specialized camelid products.

Alpaca Fiber Sorting Certification Seminar

Certified Sorted is the trademark for training certifying fiber graders and sorters.  Standardizing the method of grading alpaca fiber is an important step in the advancement of the alpaca fiber industry in the United States.

New cria! A welcome sign of spring.

Spring comes in, fiber comes off and cria arrive! Welcoming cria never loses its excitement and wonder!

Pennsylvania Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association (PAOBA)

This is our regional affiliate of AOBA.

The Advanced Clinic

What is it?  Camelidynamics is a handling and training system developed and continually refined by Marty McGee Bennett.  Jeanne will continue learning these methods at the Advanced Clinic.

Lancaster Farming

Local and regional farming papers are a great asset to us.

The Suri Network

There aren't as many Suri alpacas inthe world as there are Huacaya alpacas.  The Suri Network formed to promote Suri interests.

Empire Alpaca Association

EAA is the state alpaca association for New York.

Alpaca Breeders Fiber School, LLC (ABFS)

ABFS provides a graduate certification for those who complete a  comprehensive series of courses covering herd management, alpaca genetics, health and nutrition, fiber technology, reproduction, business and marketing.

Light Livestock Equipment

This company carries the larger items that are essential to managing alpacas on the far.

New Holland Agriculture of North America

New Holland makes all kinds of farming equipment from very large to small farm-friendly.


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